4DM Motion Seats

4DM Motion Seats

The audiences can experience 12 kinds of special effects in the 4DM Movie Theater, The 4DM chairs will let you enjoy an immersive experience in movie scene.

4DM Seats Base Configuration List

Brand 4DM
Surface Material: Pure hand-wrapped PU leather
Clolr: Black ( Customized available )
Cushion Material Polyurethene foam material, High elasticity
Drive Mode Electric Drive, Use the crank structure
Platform Material: 20# square steel/ anti-rust and electrostatic prevention
Movement Range Movement From Left-Tight:±5° Front-Back Leaning:±11°
Leakage Prevention Leakage protechion air switch, every equipment electrical grounding, no waterway in seats, water proof control box
Seat Effects Low frequency vibration, Push Back, Leg Sweep, Air blast
Environment Effects Wind, Snow, Bubble, Lighting, Rain, Smoke
SOR System Seat occupancy identification
Synchronized Method LTC/UDP ( Possess with LTC decoding system invention patent

4DM Seats Parameters

Model SQ-F033E SQ-F043E SQ-F053E
Forward-Back leaning 11° 11° 11°
Movement From Left to Right
Vibration Rate 12HZ 12HZ 12HZ
Size( L x W x H ) mm 1764x785x1364 2314x785x1364 2874x785x1364
Array Distance ≥1300mm ≥1300mm ≥1300mm
Line Distance ≥100mm ≥100mm ≥100mm
Capacity 3 People 4 People 5 People
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