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Guangzhou Shuqee Digital Tech. Co., Ltd adopts advanced video imaging technology, citing the international forefront of innovative design concepts...

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Companies can realize substantial competitive advantage by consistently producing high-quality 5d motion chairs in a timely way.

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We have a very tight-knit, super team with both deep technical knowledge and a strong desire to meet the needs of the customer.


Sound Vibration Cinema锛圫V Cinema锛
Sound Vibration Cinema锛圫V Cinema锛
Leading shocking experience, shocking video room break the shackles of the traditional way of viewing experience, attrac...
Unique Design 5D 7D 9D 12D XD Cinema With Cabin Attract Eyeball
Unique Design 5D 7D 9D 12D XD Cinema With Cabin Attract Eyeball
聽Nowadays, there is more and more different styles shapes cinema on the market, so that consumers get confused, and it i...
What Is 7D Cinema? What Is 7D Gun Cinema? What Is 7D Game?
What Is 7D Cinema? What Is 7D Gun Cinema? What Is 7D Game?
Our offered Guns 7D Cinema聽- is a new interactive stereo attraction of our own designing. It allows visitors to become a...
Arc screen 4D motion cinema
Arc screen 4D motion cinema
Through the cooperation of each cinema system, make cinema audience of visual,hearing, touch, feeling, and other senses,...
Moblie Cinema
Moblie Cinema
As 5d Mobile cinema is new sprouted things, that is rapidly enter into the large, medium and small cities, however the d...
4DM Theater
4DM Theater
4DM is the theater equipped the new experience that different with the old simple viewing way, it lead the viewers can e...
5D Motion Cinema
5D Motion Cinema
5D motion cinema: Immersive visual and audio enjoyment 5D motion cinema, is made of by three-dimensional film and the su...
Electronic System 5D Motion Chair
Electronic System 5D Motion Chair
Electronic system is the newest technology, most hottest selling product in our company. It is controlled by electricity...


"Line Tourism, Collective Accompanied" SHUQEE Staff Have A Trip To Yangshuo
12 November 2015
"Line Tourism, Collective Accompanied" --2015 SHUQEE company had a trip to Guangxi Yangshuo for 3 Days by聽High Speed Rail, The three days we were very happy!!! We all all the staff...
Maoming Shaking Movie Theater Project Has Been Installed Successfully
08 October 2015
Maoming Phoenix movie theater is located in Nanqu Guanghua Road, Maoming City , Guangdong province, which is completed in early October 2015. Maoming Phoenix movie theater has 1500...
20 September 2015
SHUQEE 4D 5D 7D 9D XD Cinema Profile , Provide Cinema聽Ntegrated Design SHUQEE COMPANY PROFILE.聽SHUQEE 4D 5D 7D 9D XD Cinema.聽From planning to operation.聽Welcome to visit our compa...
2015 Chinese Valentine's day!!
20 August 2015
2015 Chinese Valentine's Day Today, it is聽Chinese Valentine's day in 2015, it is a聽nice聽day for all the lovers, special the girls. Because the day they can receive many gifts from...

4DM Theater, 5D Motion Cinema, 7D Interactive Theater, 8D 9D 12D Cinema, Moblie Cinema......

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We are fully implementing the ISO9001: 2008 quality Management Implementation of Standards. A technological, cultural and creative company which realizing a set of 4DM/XD Theater system development, equipment production, planning and construction, operation and maintenance to form a whole industry chain.