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For commercial movie theater

4DM Cinema seats

Hollywood movies

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theme park, amusement park, NMNS, Experience

5D CInema System

Deep immersion

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Audio vibratory seat

vibratory seat

special effects

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A fully integrated experienced firm focused on Immersive cinema system and equipment services.

Our Services

We help you create supply customized solutions, fitting any customer's wish.


In the preparatory stage of the project.


Stable and reliable logistics partners


share the room size then get a complete solution.


The equipmentThe installation and debugging.


Free layout drawing and construction drawing.


Free training 2 operators for your cinema.


We are the factory for R&D and Productive


service and support,spare parts,movie coding......
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Featured Projects

Ocean Park

Shanghai changfeng Ocean Park

Ocean Park

Rhodes Greece

Rhodes Greece


2017 East Asia Marine Cooperation Platform Huangdao Forum

To achieve goal of realizing mutual benefit and wining together, the forum will continue to facilitate the cooperation and communication on ocean, trade, culture matters among China, Japan, Korea and nations of Association of Southeast Asian Nations

Hangzhou China

Hangzhou zhongnan cartoon city is one of the cartoon as the theme, learning, entertainment, food, purchase experience in one large comprehensive consumer place. Zhong Nan cartoon city is very attractive, which starts a new consumption patterns in the procession of Hangzhou and Zhejiang children and their families

Philippines Manila

ABS-CBN Corporation, commonly known as ABS-CBN, is a Filipino media and entertainment group based in Quezon City. It is the Philippines' largest entertainment and media conglomerate in terms of revenue, ABS-CBN was founded in 1946

Yaan– Sichuan

China Protects Giant Panda Ya’an Bifeng Gorge Research Foundation.

The Panda Foundation is located in the north of Bifeng Gorge Scenic Area, with 18 kilometers from downtown Ya'an and 150 kilometers from Chengdu. The foundation is a giant panda park which is integrating feeding, breeding, scientific research, rescue of rare wild animals, and popular science education.

commercial center

Guangzhou-Zhengjia Square The Polar Ocean World

Zhengjia polar Ocean World, located in the second or third floors of the west of the square, with the total construction area are more than 58000 square meters, which have 500 sort and over 30,000 polar marine animals, is the first indoor air polar ocean pavilion in the world.

Children's Amusement Center

Bogota Children's Amusement Center, It is the largest theater in Colombia at the time

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China Protects Giant Panda Ya’an Bifeng Gorge Research Foundation

Changfeng Ocean World -Upgrade 4D Cinema

Our offered Guns 7D Cinema - is a new interactive stereo


4DM seat is a core of 4D cinema equipment, also known as 4DM dynamic seat, the 4D cinema seat, 4DM special effect seats, there is no uniform industry standard,

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