Qualification certificate

National High-tech Enterprise

Patent-Intelligent Fault Detection For 4D Movie Technology

4DM Brand

Patent-New type of nozzle

2015-Copyrights-4D/5D Theater Play System V4.1

Patent-Nozzle Structure

Copyrights-Dynamic Programming Acquisition Software V3.2

2013-Copyrights 4D/5D Theater Play System V2.0

2013-Copyrights 4D/5D Theater Play System V3.1

Philanthropic Ventures


Patent-Motion Platform



Patent-Motion Seating Safety Protection Circuit

China Film Distribution and Exhibition Association Member Company

Patent for Invention-LTC Time Decoding Technology

2015-Copyrights 4DM Cinema System V4.1

Patent-Occupy The Seat Recognition System

CE Product Testing

GMC-TUV-Factory Certification

CE Product Testing 2

Appearance Patent For Luxury 5D Seating

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