Immersive Tunnel

Wonderful exciting mysterious trip

The Immersive Tunnel is an adventure experience that combines elements of surround sound, 3D movie projection, dynamic motion platform, and light effects. It simulates tourists traveling by car, boat and other transportation to a different world of scenes.

You will experience the most incredible adventure: a 270-degree projection fills the perspective of all audience. The vehicle's 6 DOF movement and special effects make the experience truly immersive.


Immersion Tunnels are state-of-the-art media-based attractions that wrap guests 180 degrees in a seamless 3D stereoscopic projected display.

Guests ride in tram-like vehicles on a motion base platform capable of massive pitch, roll, and heave, all coordinated to the on-screen action. With the stereo imagery delivered through multiple pairs of HD projectors, the result is a stunningly immersive and truly unforgettable ride experience.
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