About Us

We are confident in our ability to deliver superior quality of immersive cinema equipment in accordance with your customers' requirements.

Guangzhou Shuqee Digital Tech. Co.,Ltd committed to providing highly intelligent 4D, 5D cinema overall solution, create deep immersive viewing effects, Shuqee 4D/5D cinema system will supply audience multidimensional movie experience.
We design,manufacturing and prodution;4D,5D motion seating which widely used in scenic spots, theme parks, museums, entertainment centers, hotels, and commercial cinemas ect.
SHUQEE has the professional team for every part of cinema solution from planning, drawing, equipment delivery, to installation and maintenance and technical supports.

12 Years Technical Experience

SHUQEE engineers obtain professional practice over 12 years and witnessed the 4D Cinema market from initiation, development and maturation

Focused on R&D 8 Years

SHUQEE has been devoted to research and development and innovation since his establishment. To provide customers with better products.

60+ Countries and 300+ Customers

SHUQEE’s product has spread in global sales network and exported to over 60 countries and region, earned over 300 customers’ recognition.

Technical Patent, Trademark, Software Copyright, Good Business Credit

Since SHUQEE Company was founded, SHUQEE still adhere to the road of research and development and innovation. With creative idea in theater software, SHUQEE has many software patents and intellectual property.

We will gain your trust and support by genuine attitude, superior quality and good service.

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