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What will be the effect of the combination of Shuqee 4DM Cinema and Xining Wangfujing Elephant City Oscar International Cinema?

Shuqee 5D Movie Theater Experience Museum takes you around

Fantastic! New Sounds Vibration Cinema is built in Creation Museum in USA. It will be bring new atmosphere to the museum. They changed auditorium into the original special effects theater.

Bravo! 4D Cinema of SEA LIFE Bangkok Ocean World has finished the upgrade in Thailand.

Congratulation! Another flight simulator cinema project


Congratulation! The 5d flight simulator cinema project has already been installed in Saudi Arabia.

Europe's Oldest Civilization. Europe's Newest 3D Gallery & 9D Cinema.

About The 5d Cinema Project Design :

China Protects Giant Panda Ya’an Bifeng Gorge Research Foundation

High End 4d cinema Was Built in Changfeng Ocean World(Under the umbrella of Merlin Entertainment Group) – Shanghai

East Asia Marine Cooperation Plaform Hungdao Forum 5D Cinema

The sound vibration chairs of the IMAX Sound Vibration Cinema and the 4DM Theater in NCR Wuxi, are provided and installed by Guangzhou Shuqee Digital Tech. Co. Ltd.

On 22 April 2013,the professional Engineers came to our factory,had a series of audit. In the beginning, the engineer went to our factory inspect 5D motion chair’s producing process seriously


Jan 2013, Switzerland ZüriWood general manager Mr Varol to visit our factory. In a pleasant atmosphere, the two sides conducted in-depth communication, Mr Varol have visited many other company


Regards Sameer is the SHUQEE new partners in 2014, because of the trust and support of SHUQEE ,coming on the day of the signing of a 12-seater cinema set.

Recently, our company successfully passed the international famous certification authority-Swiss certification company SGS group, and get the SGS, and SGS certifications issued by Made- in-


SHUQEE supplier truck mobile 9d cinema equipment in Uganda, This cinema for Andrew, 6 chairs, 2 seats/ set. Total 3 sets.. The first day of opening attracted a lot


The 5d cinema is established for the children in the children's park of the supermarket center.

The project is set up in Kuwait in July, 2015. It is a very successful


Welcome To 7D Cinema Trip, 7D Movie is a dynamic journey (Virtual Reality). Are you ready? Let's GO.

Our offered Guns 7D Cinema - is a new interactive stereo


Maoming Phoenix movie theater is located in Nanqu Guanghua Road, Maoming City , Guangdong province, which is completed in early October 2015.


Various theaters and amusement parks offers movies with 4 dimensions, 5 dimensions, 7 dimensions, etc. What is the basic


   Your 4DM  theatre seat will move in sync with the movie action and special effect generators in the cinema, allowing you to “feel” the movie’s motion, vibration, push back,


4DM seat is a core of 4D cinema equipment, also known as 4DM dynamic seat, the 4D cinema seat, 4DM special effect seats, there is no uniform industry standard,


Imagine yourself in the movie with Shuqee 4DM®
Move with the action on screen, feel the wind and water, take in the scent and more!

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