All Immersive Theater Solutions

4DM Cinema

4DM adds movement, wind, vibration, light, fog and other physical effect technology. Apart from sight and hearing, Shuqee 4DM cinema will supply audience multidimensional movie experience.

For example: Audiences can feel the free flight of spacecraft, the excitement of the car chasing, the explosions in the war, or the strong wind blow when the dinosaur passes by.

5D Movie Theater

5D movie is based on 3D three-dimensional effect to increase the motion seat and environmental effects. The 5D cinema gives the audience to achieve the most powerful sense of reality from the aspects of hearing, sight and touch, just like being in the film.

5D Cinema consists of three elements: three-dimensional projection system, vibration seat with special effects equipment and computer control system.These three work together to form a system that stimulates the senses of the audience's vision, hearing, touch, and sense, reproduce the environment involved in the theme of the film, various details in the environment, and the audience's encounters in a specific environment. Create an overall effect that gives audience immersive feeling.


Sound Vibration Cinema is developed from traditional 3D cinema, based on the need as Guangzhou Shuqee Technology Co., Ltd. and entertainment market, compared to other types of theater, with a prominent theme, high technology content, lifelike picture shock resistance and other features and advantages.
We not only lead the audio shock, hair, water, scratching, leg sweep and other stunts to 3D theater, also designed smoke, rain, optoelectronics, bubbles, odor and other effects according to the film's scenario, to form a unique immersion experience.


Arc screen cinema adopts an inner cylindrical projection screen to surround the viewer in the center. The ultra-wide picture fills the viewer's field of vision, a full range of stereo and film plot complement each other, perfect cooperation, interpretation of brilliant immersion, integrated audio-visual enjoyment.


According to the surrounding conditions of the arc screen cinema, the arc screen theater is divided into several modes: arc screen, 270° arc screen, 360° arc screen, etc. The usual definition criteria are: radians less than 180 degrees called arc screen, radians greater than 180 degrees called Ring screen, radians 360 degrees’ full closure called 360 degrees’ arc screen.


Dome Cinema is a new cinema system developed in recent years, using transmission metal screen, advanced digital projection equipment, as well as analog dynamic seat equipment. After entering the cinema, the audience will be placed in a tilted dome structure, you can watch 360-degree vision in the range of large-screen digital movies, unique visual impact, surround sound effect so that the audience has a strong sense of immersion, like an immersive experience and popular in the market!


Flying Cinema, this type appears in some large theme parks in the virtual Flight Experience project. Rotate the hemispheric screen 90 degrees to erect.

The audience hangs inside the sphere for viewing, and the screen image spans the entire forward field of view. This mode is best suited to the normal visual viewing habits of people, HD digital projectors through special fish eye lenses to project the picture onto the huge hemispheric screen, while innovating the use of suspension seat system, the visitors to the high altitude of more than 10 meters, the tourist line of sight is completely surrounded by spectacular movie images.

Visitors in the super-ball screen film and television, experience in the grand scene in the flying of the thrill of the feeling.


The theme Dark Ride is a large-scale indoor entertainment project where tourists take a tour bus and walk along the established story route in a theme scene environment combining virtual reality. It integrates today's top international entertainment technologies such as 3D stereoscopic movies, dynamic tour buses, simulation sets, and stunt performances.


The Immersive Tunnel is an adventure experience that combines elements of surround sound, 3D movie projection, dynamic motion platform, and light effects. It simulates tourists traveling by car, boat and other transportation to a different world of scenes. You will experience the most incredible adventure: a 270-degree projection fills the perspective of all audience. The vehicle's 6 DOF movement and special effects make the experience truly immersive.


Indoor large-scale multimedia drama built in the base of the Guan Gong bronze statue. The theater has a special chariot auditorium, so that the audience can also participate in a big show of the dance beauty; the dynamic chariot can make shaking, lifting, shaking, rotating, and even moving around the chariot with the changes and needs of the plot. Equipped with a 270-degree large ring screen, cool lighting, powerful sound and realistic beauty equipment, it is a comprehensive performance theater that combines drama, film and special effects interactive experience.


The rotating six DOF dynamic Platforms is a large dynamic analog product. The platform as a whole can achieve two-way rotation and a six DOF composite simulation dynamic effect.

The product can be combined with a 360 degree arc screen or a ball screen in the design. The panoramic image combined with the all-round dynamic effect will give the audience a shocking visual impact and special effects interactive experience; it can also be considered as an ecological subject design, such as a UFO theater, panoramic theater etc.

Motion Seats

Various types of seats can meet your different needs.
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