Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World-Upgrade 4D Cinema

Bravo! 4D Cinema of SEA LIFE Bangkok Ocean World has finished the upgrade in Thailand.

Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World is located in Bangkok, Thailand, is the largest aquarium in Southeast Asia. Also it is the first 4D Movie Theater in Thailand. More than just an underwater experience, it home to a large of special activities. Through formal educational programs, the aquarium aims to promote an appreciation and understanding of the aquatic environment in line with the formal Thailand curriculum.



Nowadays, Shuqee 4D virtual motion cinema has officially entered the Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World; you can not only enjoy the joy of the aquarium, but also experience the movie of virtual reality adventure travel. SHUQEE 4D Cinema committed to bring audiences un unforgettable trip.


4D Cinema Upgrade Before

Before the upgrade, the most of the equipment in 4D cinema are Outdated. Seats are obsolete, the electric equipment are not flexible. The equipment make loud noise, the equipment was not complete, and some of the equipment was already aging. 

4D Cinema Upgrade After

According to the size of the site, we transformed it to make full use of all the space to increase the benefits and realize the maximum benefits of customers. Shuqee 4D cinema seats are electric system seats, environmental protection, quiet, easy to maintain. The most important point is that the movement of the electric seats is precise and delicate, which improves the audience experience.



We are honored to cooperate with sea life ocean world and recognize Shuqee’s electric cinema seat. Meanwhile, it improves the experience of 4D cinema in sea life ocean world.
What's more , 4D Cinema is also widely applying in science museum, theme park ,shopping mall etc.

Welcome to experience the after upgrade 4D cinema.


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