Arc Screen 4D Motion Cinema

Digital projection technology to create an immersive visual feast

Through the cooperation of each cinema system, make cinema audience of visual,hearing, touch, feeling, and other senses, recreating the theme of the film involved environment, the environment of inside of all the details, as well as the audience in specific environment such as within the encounter, build expeditions overwhelmed of the overall effect.

Showing super arc screen effect

In the exist space make visual space at the highest coverage, that is the eye accept the effective image information area accounts for seeing all the visual area will be bigger than natural immersed sense is stronger.
The higher visual space consistency, the human eye accept the video information through the brain structure then bulid logic of the three dimensions space, when images of three dimensional space and real world experience more close, immersed sense is more stronger.

Arc screen seamless integration system

Realize high definition video decoding replay, multichannel video screen synchronization output, curved surface correction and edges of the software process integration means to realize real-time operation.
Seamless integration area realize that can't see the double, realize three channel between natural transition. One set video server controllor, achieve more channels picture consistency and stability.
Before high-end hardware equipment can realize the function, but now instead by the hardware and software of the low investment realization. The operation more easy and humanization.

Perfect Motion Effects

The motion of all the seats are swaying actions, all of them moved with smooth and transition, audience does not have mechanical movement and unnatural feeling. It can’t be have abrupt beat and jitter and unnecessary excess movement.

Excellet Sound Effect and easy to operate

Considering of amplification system has the function of audio playback, need to have good language articulation, good voice and reductive degree, full audio dynamic response, and sufficient sound pressure level and frequency response.

Easy to maintenance, easy to upgrade

The system all possible failures are predictable and can be solved, a perfect after-sale service system to ensure the stability of the system operation.
Whole system will keep ability to upgrade in a certain term, or get better performance and better configuration.


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