Sound Vibration Cinema

Sound Vibration Cinema

(SV Cinema)

Leading shocking experience, shocking video room break the shackles of the traditional way of viewing experience, attract viewers into the theater, leading the audience into the movie, feel the drama. In every application of shock art auditorium, the effects of shock seats and fantasy environment effects - rain, snow, wind, fog, lightning and odor with the perfect combination of movie scenes, the audience for visual, touch, hearing, taste and other sensory experience, the audience seems to be the wonderful movie plot participants, not just spectators.

SV Cinema Definition

Sound Vibration Cinema is developed from traditional 3D cinema, based on the need as Guangzhou shuqee Technology Co., Ltd. and entertainment market, compared to other types of theater, with a prominent theme, high technology content, lifelike picture shock resistance and other features and advantages. We not only audio shock, hair, water, scratching, leg sweep and other stunts to introduce 3D theater, according to the film's scenario also designed smoke, rain, optoelectronics, bubbles, odor and other effects, form a unique immersion experience.

The Characteristic of SV Cinema

1, SV Cinema Has The Chair Vibration System Sound Vibration (The Frequency of the Movie sound will make the chair vibrate, the frequency higher, the vibrate stronger.)
2,The size of the SV Cinema is the same as usual cinema, which can change the chair only without doing other things.
Shuqee SV Cinema chair is the same as usual cinema, which means we can only change the chair as SV type, and other things stay the same, easy and quick Count System: The system will use sensor module to check whether there is people on seats or it, and it will also control the movement of the chair and calculate the attendance and watching time.

SV Chair Physical Characteristics

Standard Configuration Cotton Back: Use wet blocking cotton, can spring back and it is very soft;
Density: 55kg/m3;
Back Shell: Use good PP plastic, impact wear resistant;
Cloth: Use fine linen fiber armrest;
Foot: 3.0mm CRS;
Armrest: Use good PP material, Cup and armrest is unicase and turnover.

SV Chair Physical Characteristics

SHUQEE SV cinema use frequency vibration function,
Such as: There are something explode in movie, Our vibration system will give back-pushing effects on the chair according to the frequency vibration;
When the shaking of the ground or have a strong bass sound , A will show clear sense of shock ;
Can simulate the feeling of wind in his face when the face has the wind;
When the film quickly passing sword sward can simulate the feeling of passing from the body;
There are objects from the foot of the pass and hit the leg can simulate rats, snakes, insects drill into the audience and other animal legs.
Spray Air to Face

Spray Air to Face

Assist viewers feel real wind.
Sweep Leg

Sweep Leg

On the footrest, make people “sympathetic visage”.


Located seat enable viewers to experience the feeling not only viewing.


Located in the seat backrest position, let the audience feel a sudden rush from the back.

Technical Specifications

Non- mechanical Pressure Sensing Technology
There will not have any motion file and special effects if there no customer on the seat . Avoid unnecessary mechanical wear. While the automatic viewing trips automatic counting, to provide reference data for owner-operators.
Seat vibration effects using audio vibration which is determined by the video sources, non-threatening to humans; leather of the seat surfaces and sponge matrix through flame test.

4DM-TMSCentral Level Control System Adapt to The Courtyard Line Management

To manage digital video through the network, playlists, and get the key; You can monitor and control video room playing; Automatic screening schedule through integrated POS ticketing system;

The status of the server and the movie machine monitoring; Alarm information server, movie screening machines and other equipment to capture and reminders;

Screen server performance statistics log data; Multi-user rights management; Network automation interfaces with existing theater automation system to link existing systems become part of the theater; Support for multiple languages.


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