Solution For FLY CINEMA
Experience the thrill of flying high

It is suitable for displaying the grand and stunning flying scenes and flying contents in the sky.


Flying cinema is a kind of experience project that integrates a variety of high-tech means such as U- screen movies, large-scale mechanical control, real-time live special effects, etc., to realize an all-round three-dimensional enveloping flight.

Dome or U-screen

Ultra-high definition screen, super-large dome screen, slightly tiny radian, U-screen.

To be Immersed

The playing effect is realistic and the suspended motion seats enable the audience to face the center of the screen without obstructing their vision and be surrounded.
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Various forms of expression

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Various forms of expression

U-screen or Dome screen can play video screen, laser animation and lighting effects, the vast scene makes people like flying in the sky.

Flying Theater System Video


Motion Chair

Shuqee focus on the development and production of 4D motion seats nearly 10 years. We also committed to improving the sports experience of 4d dynamic seats.

Dynamic technology

It use the most advanced control system and dynamic syste. All the latons, mechanical sense, noise were removed.


We designed a new dynamic seat for the flying theater. It's set up safety lever, Alarm, Scram, Reset system.

Special Effects

Provides a variety of optional special effects. For example small, Touch legs, push back, Spray air, Water spray etc.

Stable and Reliable

We have installed more than 5,000 dynamic seats around the world. The failure rate is less than 0.2%.


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