Bravo! Second Flight Simulator Cinema Project Was Finished in Egypt Militory Museum !

Congratulation! Another flight simulator cinema project has already been installed in Egypt. It is 12d flight simulator cinema, Welcome to learn about it!

The 12d simulator cinema is in a hotel built in Cairo, this hotel is an army hotel built by the local government. Only soldier has the right to stay in that hotel. The hotel is luxurious, and the facilities are complete and have everything that one expects to find.



12D simulator project introduce: A Mega Panorama project -12D Simulator is placed in Cairo, the capital of Egypt. We can supply 3DOF motion seats and special effect Cinema Equipment With 3D Glasses. 12D Simulator with dimension ( W x L x H ) (9m X15m X6m) for 24 Seats.



Except some common leisure facilities, It is worth mentioning that the hotel also has a large back garden and military museum.

The military museum mainly exhibits military aircraft models, tank models and other military equipment.



Obviously, SHUQEE 12d simulator was built in this museum, mainly showing military films. The function of 12d simulator cinema  is mainly to simulate the real military experience for visitors.  By the way, The project is similar to the Saudi 5D flight simulator cinema project, except that the 5d simulator project shows a real aircraft.

For example, when the 12d simulator cinema is playing the military bombing of aircraft, the 12d simulator motion seat will simulate movement the aircraft at any time, as if they are pilots, to increase the visitors to understanding of the air force through the realistic immersive experience.


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