Mianyang Science and Technology Museum's nuclear explosion 4D Movie Theater Upgrade is Completed

In response to the bidding requirements for the upgrade and renovation project of Mianyang Science and Technology Museum's Nuclear Explosive 4D Movie Theater, our company actively responded and obtained the bid-winning qualification with strong professional technical capabilities and complete renovation plans.

The Mianyang Science and Technology Museum has very distinctive features. With the theme of "Two bombs and one satellite ", there are five exhibition areas including missile exhibition area, aerospace exhibition area, satellite and information exhibition area, nuclear weapons and nuclear science and technology exhibition area, satellite and space information technology, science and technology Mianyang. All are related to aerospace and nuclear science and technology, highlighting the spirit of "

“Two bombs and one satellite ".

Among them, the 4D nuclear explosion theater is based on the design of the film and presents different special effects, such as falling, shaking, blowing wind, etc., using the dynamic seat and patented system customized by Shuqee, allowing the audience to watch nuclear explosions. During the film, the seat under the body sometimes leaned back and sometimes forward, which mobilized the audience's perception system so that the audience can really walk into the film, so as to truly achieve the story of every audience following the film. Walk through it from beginning to end to learn more about the charm of technology.

The Mianyang Science and Technology Museum 4D Nuclear Explosive Theater renovated by Shuqee Technology allows the audience to be on the scene, get a thrilling sensory experience, more intuitively understand the principles and knowledge of nuclear explosions, and feel the science and technology brought to people’s lives. Entertainment and fun.

Shuqee Technology will provide you with professional customization, installation and after-sales one-stop service, quality assurance, and confidence in the choice!


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