Congratulation! SHUQEE 5D Immersive Cinema Enters Saudi Arabia Militory Museum as 5D Flight Simulators Cinema

Congratulation! The 5d flight simulator cinema project has already been installed in Saudi Arabia.

The 5D flight simulator cinema with 18 seats is located at Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, which color is black. And the type of the 5d cinema seat is the most popular with foreign customer. The first reason is that the 5d seats have a good look. The most reason is the 5d cinema dynamical system is electric, achieve three function: Ultra Silence, Ultra Energy Saving, Ultra Durable. Give you a shocking immersive experience.



As everyone knows, 5D flight simulator cinema is usually built in the theaters, science center, shopping mall, even company, wherever they are built, they are all for entertainment, but this 5D flight simulator in Riyadh is for education and military training as pilot simulation flight. Therefore, It was built in military museum and it belongs to the military government project. Specially, Only soldier has the right to visit the flight simulator.



Do you know what is exhibited in the military? The military museum only exhibits military real military flight, not a model. It exhibits all kinds of flight, such as : Fighter flight, attack warning flight, refueling flight, trainer flight. By the way, The project is similar to the Egyptian 12D Simulator project, except that the Egyptian project shows a model aircraft.



Do you think this 5d simulator cinema is new now? The answer is no. Because Before Shuqee 5d flight simulator cinema is built, it also was 5d flight simulator cinema with pneumatic system and low-end configuration which was built several years ago.  

It thus appears that 5D flight simulator cinema is a fantastic cinema, and it is installed in different occasions will have different surprise, But what are you hesitating about? We soon joined.


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