Europe’s Oldest Civilization Meets Newest 3D Museum And A 9D Cinema, What Will Happen ?

Europe's Oldest Civilization. Europe's Newest 3D Gallery & 9D Cinema.

Where History Meets Entertainment!

About the 9d cinema project
Location: Crete
Installation Application: Minoan's World museum
Quantity: 30 seats, (3 seats in one platform, total 10 platforms)
Dynamic: Electrics system (3seats in one platform,)
Motion Characteristics: 3DOF
Color: RED (other color can be customized)



Europe’s oldest civilisation meets Europes newest 3D museum and a 9D Cinema, thus combining education with entertainment. The museum is interactive, just look at our fotos pls. Shuqee 9d cinema is fully immersive with 11 effects and a 3D movie. Fun for all ages ! Epic movie is narrated in English and greek with a historical and mythological prospective.


How The 3d Museum Is Integrated With The 9D Cinema?

The 9D cinema breaks through the shackles of the traditional visual experience, draw the audience into the cinema, lead the audience into the movie, and feel the plot. When playing history movie with snowing in the 3d museum, the 9d cinema snowing at the same time. Special effects increase people's sense of immersion. Therefore, 9d cinema plays an important role in the 3d museum. The 3d Museum Integrates with the 9D Cinema, gives you a stronger sense of experience.



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Business is good. Booming, yes," The client says.
Since its opening, the Minoan's World museum has been popular with local people or tourists, and gained a good reputation. Even Get the third most popular name for local attractions.

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Finally, not only the 9d cinema is installed in the general occasion, but also in the special occasion like the museum. Because you can find out the surprise that you break through the rules to establish a 9d cinema, just like the Minoan's World, you can get more surprise. If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to contact shuqee team.



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