What Will Be Change When 5d Cinema Enters The Company?

About The 5d Cinema Project Design :

1, Highly designed streamlines.

2, Vivid and perfect modeling, harmonious color collocation.

3, The ceiling of the 5D cinema USES the design element of starry sky, It looks like something from Star Trek, adds a sense of science fiction to the entire theater.

4, The floor USES the design element of ocean, constituted a 5D cinema full of science fiction sense.

Quantity: 14 seats, (2 seats in one platform, total 7 platforms)

Dynamic: Electrics system (,2 seats in one platform,)
Motion Characteristics: 3DOF

Color: khaki (other color can be customized) 


Do You Know Where The 5d Cinema Is Usually Built?

As we all know, as the name suggests, theaters are called theaters, which are usually set up in cinemas. Of course, in addition to being located in the cinema, 5d cinemas are often set up in large commercial centers such as the Kobo Pavilion, large commercial centers, and casinos. They are for tourists or moviegoers to watch movies. But who would have thought that our 5D cinema project was set up in a company? 


The company must be very promising, after all, there are not many enterprises with such fresh ideas. Through the understanding of this company, they set up a 5d cinema in the company. In addition to providing entertainment for the company's employees to watch films, another important reason is that the company's corporate culture and product promotion can be introduced through 5d cinema. Through this interactive and immersive approach to product promotion, customers will feel that the way is novel and interesting, and they will feel that the company is very promising and innovative. Shouldn't such companies leave a deep impression on customers?

Therefore, everyone should break the traditional cinema mode, be willing to accept and discover new things, and always find different surprises. What else do you have about the new idea for 5d cinema?

Finally, If you also want to open a 5d cinema for special use, please feel free to contact our SHUQEE team that we could help you! Because we offer one stop solution for completely set up & renovation of 5d cinema hall with high cost-effective price. Our services include right from 5d cinema hall design concept, acoustic consultancy, theater & cinema seating design, screen viewpoint design, theater & cinema hall audio video solutions, etc.


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