Play more fun with shooting!

SHUQEEXPLAY provides the best immersive and interactive group experience, which has real-time 3D graphics thrilling with customized special effects. Each player interacts with the rich and interesting immersive content on the screen through the interactive device in hand. It increases players’ revisit to explore their next adventure and enjoy another new immersive experience. In further deep-going to your guests’ experience, this series adds personalized effects, scoring display, dynamic motions and various thrilling environmental setup for the fun of interaction. Players can compete while enjoying the excitement of victory moments in the game.  We also provide rich off-the-shelf story games to pair up your theming or storyline.

Play and ranking

Dynamic Ranking
Hall of fame outside of the ride
Team competition

Interactive Technology

Game engine based Intuitive and reactive
Real-time location tracking

Interesting addicting content

Multiple interesting themes
IP customization

Why It's Fun

Multiple DOF ride experience

Individual CPU control
Automatic protection
Precise position control

Simulation scene special effects

Environment effects
Chair effects

Advance Motion Technology

High Synchronicity
Rich action details

(≤12 People)
Experience Version

The smallest mini interactive cinema which is easy to operate in your limited place,the interactive game is simple and fun.

(≤26 People)
Enhanced Version

Multiplayer battles with variety of special effects to create the best immersive gaming experience,which make players chasing game goals to happy.

(≤18 People)
Standard Version

The most popular family choice,that is , attractive story games. Players get into immersive and interactive group experience.

(≤30 People)
Deluxe Version

Team battle, players can compete while enjoying the excitement of victory moments in the game and players' record  will be on the list of rank.

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