The musueme theme study of 5D theater,SHUQEE can make you feel the art and culture in your learning.

With the progress of high and new technology,the cultural industry has been developing continuously. In this case, museums play an irreplaceable role as the main platform for popular science education,researching and learning.

Because of the advanced display measure and full of entertainment,SHUQEE 5D theater is more and more widely used in the design of theme parks, urban planning halls, museums and other exhibition halls.

The 5D theater of the art museum is customized by SHUQEE technology according to the customer's requirements.It integrates the theme design of the exhibition hall, combines the culture and art of local, deeply expolores the regional development potential, and enhances the attraction of the museum and greatly expands the breadth and depth of the cultural communication of the museum through the innovative presentation of high-tech,immersion experience and the combination of fashion trend temperament. Make the museum have more "powerful" to achieve the scale and quality of the "double upgrade"!


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