How Amazing! First New Type 4D Dome Theater is opened in Ho May Park in Vietnam

Let us Join in HO MAY PARK this summer!

Vietnam's first 4D motion dome theater was built in Ho May Park recently. This cinema uses a 360-degree dome with a diameter of 15 meters and its height 8meter, equipped with 76 Shuqee 4D motion seats, which can accommodate 76 visitors each show. It can increase the immersion while giving customers comfortable experience through customized seat inclination. This adds more color and funny to the park. It is favored by many domestic and foreign tourists.




Ho May Park is the one of the most famous tourist attractions in Vung Tau. There are all kinds of entertainment in this park. Now you can experience amazing 4D Dome cinema in the park! The screen like a ball and you are surrounded by the screen, and then through the tilting effect of the back of our 4DM motion seat, the audience felt as if they could touch the big screen. They let audience involuntarily into the role, resulting in a very real and exciting special feeling.


Different from the normal screen, 360-degree screen is fresh experience for the audiences. Immersive technology let visitors experience an unforgettable ride when they are sitting on the 4DM motion seats.




We are honored to finish this cinema project for them and achieve the goal of us: attract more and more audiences and let them experience the new immersive cinema.


Last but not least, we have also served for commercial cinema, amusement park, science museum etc. to make a suitable plan and finish the 4DM, 5D and XD cinema projects.



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