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High End 4d cinema Was Built in Changfeng Ocean World(Under the umbrella of Merlin Entertainment Group) – Shanghai

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About 4D Cinema Upgrade Before



Before the establishment of Shuqee 4d cinema, It was also a 4d cinema with 24 seats. However, the 4d cinema was built several years ago with outdated equipment and software, and the situation of the whole cinema has fallen behind The Times.The 4d cinema seats shown in the picture before the transformation is a hydraulic platform seat. And there are many disadvantages of the hydraulic motion system, such as not environmental friendly, loud noise and not delicate and precise movements. Therefore, the hydraulic seats have been phased out at present.


About 4D Cinema Upgrade After



After seeing the venue, SHUQEE upgraded the original theater. The Upgraded 4d cinema is a high - end theatre with luxury 4d seating. According to the size of the site, in order to realize the maximum benefit of customers, we transformed the seat of 24 people into the seat of 30 people to increase the benefit. And the seats in SHUQEE 4d cinema are electric system seats which are known to be environmentally friendly, quiet and easy to maintain. The most important point is that the motion of the electric system seat is precise and exquisite, which enhances the viewer's experience. This is the kind of theater that everyone loves.


Certainly, We are honored to partner with Changfeng Ocean World and approve the electric motion cinema seating of Shuqee. Meanwhile, because of the motion accuracy of the new electric 4D cinema seating and ultimately improve the experience feeling who experienced 4d cinema in the Changfeng Ocean World Park.”


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