Truck Mobile 9D Cinema Equipment Attract Many People

SHUQEE supplier truck mobile 9d cinema equipment in Uganda, This cinema for Andrew, 6 chairs, 2 seats/ set. Total 3 sets.. The first day of opening attracted a lot of people, especial the children and the adult , they come to try the 9d cinema. Look, they so excited.

Truck mobile 9d cinema is more like an interactive game. Its most distinguishing feature is the engagement of the audience. You have to use this electric gun to shoot different targets during the whole process.

9D Effects Cinemas use highly comfortable seating combined with a number of ‘in-seat’ effects. These include a range of 3DOF (degrees of freedom) and 6DOF seat movements, vibration, push back, leg ticklers, water spray and air blast. Combine these with ‘in-theatre’ effects such as bubbles, snow, wind, rain, aroma, fire, laser, smoke and lighting to give an amazing experience to visitors..

 Look, These Children Really Excited.

People Are Lining Up To Watch Movies



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