New Arrivals!!!! Shuqee Professional 7D Gun Cinema Give You A Dynamic Journey

Welcome To 7D Cinema Trip, 7D Movie is a dynamic journey (Virtual Reality). Are you ready? Let's GO.


2010-2015, 7D interactive cinema Develop quickly and shows straightly upward!



Maybe you will ask, what is the 7D gun cinema?

The interactive cinema, it not only play 7D movie, also can play 3D, 4D, 5D movie . Choose 7D, means you choose one multifunction theater, it can help you to realize profit maximization! There is no reason for being unsuccessful!

7D cinema means interactive cinema, it’s the upgrading version for 5d cinema, which has unique interactive shooting system not only the simulating special effects and dynamic effect. The most important point is the audience can play games when they watching movie, interact with movie story.


Development History

3D: Wear 3D glasses to see the stereoscopic film;;

4D: In  based on 3D stereo effect, increased static touch: for example, Rocking Chair;

5D: it’s the upgrading version for 5d cinema, In addition to the chair shaking, accompanied by taste, wind, lightning, earthquakes, hearing, sight, taste;

7D: Interactive cinema, it’s the upgrading version from

5d cinema , which has unique interactive Shooting

system not only the simulating special effects 

and dynamic effect.


The most advantages(SIX Highlights) of 7D cinema.

① Virtual Reality

7D movie is a dynamic journey, natural phenomena and movie special effects  equipment synchronization, feel the wind, rain, thunder, electricity and

other special effects to bring the immersive

② Multiplayer
Many People look at the same screen while playing the front.

③ Interactive PK
You can interact through 7D gun with interactive movie monster.

④ Independent IP
Every audience has a separate ID account to battle.

⑤ Movie Roles 
Audience participation is a sense of Movie roles, everything happened in front of the plot, almost the audience unable to stop.

⑥ Publish Rankings
Interactive computer give participants points based on the results of the war, after the end of the film released by high and low points Ranking.


Finally, Do you like the 7d gun cinema? if yes, pls come to our company to tri it. Thx!



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