4DM Theatre

   Your 4DM  theatre seat will move in sync with the movie action and special effect generators in the cinema, allowing you to “feel” the movie’s motion, vibration, push back, wind, water, even scents.

Why Should I See a Movie In 4DM  Theatre?
4DM Theater is the future of cinema. Enjoy the adrenaline rush as your seat rolls and tilts in a heart-pounding car chase, dive into a sea-faring scene with fog, wind and the scent of the ocean air!

Do 4DM Tickets Cost The Same As Regular Movie Tickets?

Good news, it only costs just a little more than a regular ticket, and it greatly adds to your movie-going enjoyment!  Call your local theatre and find out their ticket price for experiencing the latest Hollywood blockbuster in 4DM® theatre.

4D Theatre Description:

4DM movie theatre breakthrough visual cinematic to attract viewers into the theater, feel the story. At the same time provide a super compatibility system, while supporting 2D and 3D movie show. The main components of the seat system imported original, multi-expansion interface, better compatibility.

And 4DM movie theatre equipment include these facilities of below:

① Digital Playing System
② Screen System
③ Digital Audio System
④ 4d Cinema Seats System
⑤ Cinema Total Control System
⑥Special Environment Effects   

The 4DM  theatre seat Is the most important component in 4d movie theater, now let me emphatically introduce it below:


4DM Theatre Seat Base Configuration List

Type Details
Seat Type SQ-F043E
Surface Pure hand-wrapped PU leather
4DM  theatre seat Color Black(Customized available)
Cushion Material Polyurethane foam material, high elasticity
Drive Mode Electric drive, use the crank structure
Platform Material 20#square steel, anti-rush and electrostatic prevention
Movement Range Leakage protection air switch , every equipment electric grounding, no waterway in seats, water proof control box
4DM Theatre Seat Effect Low frequency vibration, push back, leg sweep, air blast
Environment Effects Wind, snow, bubble, lighting, rain, smoke
SOR system 4DM Theatre Seat occupancy identification
Synchronized Method LTC/UDP(Possess with LTC decoding system invention paten)


Movement Picture Of 4DM Theatre Seat




4DM Theatre Seat DIMENSION




4DM Theatre Seat Parameters

 Type SQ-F043E SQ-F033E SQ-F053E
Tilt Angle 11°
Swing Angle
Size(L*W*H mm) 1785*895*1355 2335*895*1355 2895*895*1355
Vibration Rate 12 HZ
Row Spacing ≥1300 mm
Column Distance ≥100 mm
Capacity 3 Seats/platform 4 Seats/platform 5 Seats/platform
Seat To Wall Distance ≥100 mm
The Last Row Distance ≥1700 mm
Concrete Thickness ≥100 mm
Ground Bearing ≥350kg/㎡




Special Effects Of 4DM theater Seats

Imagine yourself in the movie with SHUQEE 4DM Theater with the action on screen, fell the wind and water, take in the scent and more.






Left and right bumps,

forward tilt of the motor function on the chair.

The push back on the chair can make audience feel the strike.

Simulates insects and arthropod creeping on your leg.

Can make audience fell wind.




4DM Theatre Seat can accurately simulate forward, backward, left-wing, right-wing, falls, bumps, hair, spray, sweep the leg, pushed back, and others. you will have a experience of effects when the film the show scenario, When the movie show the car turning left or right, the chair will turn left or right.




When the movie show the car falling down from the cliff, the chair will rapid downward, producing a sense of weightlessness. When the movie show generated brakes, chair will make the appropriate action. 4DM Theatre Seat can be simulated and fully sync! 4DM can take viewers on immersive.



4DM Theatre Of Environment Effects

4DM theatre environment effect add wind, light, fog and other physical effect technology,  apart from sight and hearing, Shuqee 4DM Theatre will supply audience multidimensional movie experience. 

What’s more?

4DM theatre Ride consists of our most powerful and dynamic 3 axis (D.O.F) electric motion platform and it comes with a three, four or five seater all in one. 4DM theatre offers great fun and excitement for moviegoers and will be a great source in maximizing income in theatre around the world.




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