The Sound Vibration Chairs of The IMAX Sound Vibration Cinema and The 4DM Theater in NCR Wuxi

The sound vibration chairs of the IMAX Sound Vibration Cinema and the 4DM Theater in NCR Wuxi, are provided and installed by Guangzhou Shuqee Digital Tech. Co. Ltd.

In the IMAX Sound Vibration Cinema, the frequency of the movie sound will make the chair vibrate, so watching a movie is a kind of feeling of enjoyment. The special point of NCR Wuxi is the 4DM Theater, which is composed of 10 groups of 4DM motion chair, so that can accommodate 40 people at the same time. 4DM motion chair can accurately simulate forward, backward, left-wing, right-wing, falls, bumps, hair, spray, sweep the leg, pushed back, and others. When the audiences watch a movie, they will feel like performing a wonderful movie with the movie hero.

The IMAX refers to the projection screens are much wider and higher than the normal widescreens, and the huge screens are ring-shaped or dome-shaped and other special-shaped. The standard of huge screen is 22 meters wide and 16 meters high. And so far there have been more huge screen appears. In addition to the salient features of a huge screen, "IMAX Cinema" the core technology also includes huge screen projector and top digital surround sound system. "IMAX Cinema" use 70 mm 15 feet film, the effective picture area is ten times the ordinary 35 mm film, three times the general 70 mm wide screen film. The greater the film frame, the more content is contained, and the image is much clearer. This is why the huge screen can bring more vivid and higher resolution viewing effect to the audience.

Combined with Shuqee’s sound vibration chairs, the IMAX Cinema in NCR Wuxi can let the audience more enjoyment.

In each 4DM Theater, there are innervation chair & magic environment special effects: rain, snow, wind, fog, lase, and smell can prefect connect with movie. Special effects will influence the sight, touch, hearing, test and other sense judgment, the viewers will feel they are apart of the movie and not just a viewers. The innervation chairs in NCR Wuxi are provided by Shuqee. The motion positioning is more accurate, and 4DM control system and theater TMS system can be seamless fusion, so that it can achieve the content of 100% synchronized video.


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