SHUQEE 4D 5D 7D 9D XD Cinema Profile , Provide Cinema Ntegrated Design

SHUQEE COMPANY PROFILE. SHUQEE 4D 5D 7D 9D XD Cinema. From planning to operation. Welcome to visit our company.

2015 Professional Truck Mobile Cinema Convenient To Oparate With Free Advertisement

Bravo!!!!!!!! Let me show you a video about truck mobile cinema.
Truck mobile cinema is easy to operate Movies business. Investors do not have to worry about to find premises any more, and solve all decoration, venue, management and other issues which save a lot of renovation costs and rent costs.
The outside appearance of truck mobile cinema is novel which is a good advertising effect by free.

2015 Interactive 7D Shooting Game 7D Gun Cinema Professional Multiplayer 7D Cinema Simulator

Our offered Guns 7D Cinema - is a new interactive stereo attraction of our own designing. It allows visitors to become active participants of a fascinating plot on the screen and to compete in accuracy of shooting and quantity of the typed points. It is equally popular in adults and children.

Our 5D Cinema Show Room

Welcome to visit our company and 5D cinema show room

Doha Project 5D Movie Theater Immersive experience of 5d cinema

The 5d cinema with 9 luxury electric seats, it is very popular in local place. It is good immersive experience.

Mobile 5D Cinema

Israeli customer's use of effects for your reference

4DM CINEMA SEATS Seat Movement

Up and down, left and right, front and rear roll movements, analog pitch, roll, lifting and other sports, commonly used in analog video left, right tumbling, flying, running, etc., hanging forward, fall, look up, take off , the rise of such action.


4DM&SV CINEMA Are Future Trend , How Amazing It Is !! 

The cinema future is 4D.And 4DM of Shuqee is definitely the best choice of the Upgrading of the 3D cinema.



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We are fully implementing the ISO9001: 2008 quality Management Implementation of Standards. A technological, cultural and creative company which realizing a set of 4DM/XD Theater system development, equipment production, planning and construction, operation and maintenance to form a whole industry chain.