Compare to 5D motion cinema, the Immersive IVR is individuality, it has bring great impact to you by visual, touching, listening and feeling.

 Attracting all the entertainments people, adventurers, horrible movies preferred audience to experience.  


Oculus Rift has been replaced of traditional screen, bring a real simulation to people, make people totally immersion in horrible, excite movie real situation, perfect experience!



  • OLED screen
  • 750-inch of 3D large-screen
  • WirelessHD wireless technology
  • 7.1 channel virtual surround sound technology 


  • Electronic system is the newest technology, most hottest selling product in our company.
  • It is controlled by electricity directly. Easy to manintenance and installation.
    Movement is more softer and smoother.
  • Forward-Back Leaning: ± 20°
  • Movement from left to right: ± 11°
  • movement up and down: 0-175mm
  • Vibration rate: 12HZ
    Leg Sweep
    Push Back
    Spray Air And Water




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