Dinosaur 12D Cinema

Dinosaur 12D Cinema

Realistic Multidimensional Dinosaur 12D Movie Theater

12D theater, beautiful and realistic dinosaur appearance, so that the audience has not yet entered the mini theater, it has created a stimulating atmosphere, but also to enable viewers to speed up the pace of watching muti-dimensional movies.

 12D movie with a variety of indoor effects simulator, quickly let the audience have immersive feeling, the audience often want to watch movies again, unable to stop the impulse.

Dinosaur Outlook Design

A good small 5D cinema solution for theme parks. And it's good to attract children's interest and attention.

Dinosaur Internal Design

Seat Number

Dinosaur 12D Cinema the number of seats in dinosaur cinema is 6/9/12, etc.
Simple interior design, rational use of space;
Make the process more comfortable, more immersive experience.

12D Movie Theater Parameter

Suitable Movie Type: 12 Movie Theater Short Movies( 4~15 minutes)
Dinosaur Cinema Color: Brown (Customized available)
Cinema System: Control system/ 12D Digital playing system/ Screen System/ Audio system/ Special effect system/ motion seat system
12D Theater Structure: Cabin, Motion Seats, Control system, Screen, projectors etc.
12D Motion Seat Dynamic: Electronic & Pneumatic
Environment Special Effect: Snowy, Bubble, Rainy, Windy, Lightning, flame, smell, laser etc.
Motion Seats Effect: Spray air & water to face, Movement, Vibration, Sweep Leg, Push back, Movement
Other Accessories: Pipes, bubble oil, snow oil, etc.
Motion Seat Material: Fiberglass/ Genuine Leather
Speaker System: 12D Movie Theater 5.1 audio system, 7.1 audio system
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