What Is 7D Cinema? What Is 7D Gun Cinema? What Is 7D Game?

What Is 7D Cinema? What Is 7D Gun Cinema? What Is 7D Game?

Our offered Guns 7D Cinema - is a new interactive stereo attraction of our own designing. It allows visitors to become active participants of a fascinating plot on the screen and to compete in accuracy of shooting and quantity of the typed points. It is equally popular in adults and children.  

7D Interactive Entertainment Cinema

Are you still worrying about the traditional cinema 4D, 5D without new conception, face homogeneity competition, have a headache because of business is in the trouble? You are melancholy for other cinema have 7D interactive entertainment theater rob your business?


7D interactive entertainment introduction

Most different from the characteristics of the 5D cinema is interactive confrontation.

7D interactive cinema. It will be the latest international popular 3D film technology combined with multiplayer interactive technology, designed variety of different theme amusement equipment, for each theme amusement equipment, simulation of virtual scene with the film plot, the subject and tailor-made special seats and the environment effects, along with the plot to the audience through the imitation guns in the hands of a screen 3 D simulation of the enemy with an intense fight, these will bring audience ever stimulate and joy, let the audience linger, so as to induce some spectators watching the impulse and desire. And this kind of special experience is not available in the family and other parts, that gives it its core business value. 7D interactive theater equipment realizes the true success entertainment projects should have four properties,there are enjoyment, hunt for novelty, adventure and adversarial, will undoubtedly become a new generation of high-tech amusement equipment. Strong engagement with the game to the audience, but also make entertaining theater is more stronger, more exciting and more HIGH.

7d movie, 7d gun cinema, 7d interactive cinema, 7d game, are a dynamic journey (virtual reality). Join us.




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