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Visual 5D Cinema 5D Theater With Exclusive 9 Luxury Seats For Qatar Film Festival

Visual 5D Cinema 5D Theater With Exclusive 9 Luxury Seats For Qatar Film Festival

Lifelike Visual 5D Cinema 5D Theater With Exclusive 9 Luxury Seats For Qatar Film Festival. The cinema 5D projects established in Qatar, and the customer is our old customer.


The film submission window for the 2016 THIMUN Qatar Northwestern FIlm Festival is now open. All films must be submitted by February 10, 2016.

The THIMUN Qatar Film Festival is also available for students interested in participating in a three day workshop learning how to make documentaries and become inspired to use the power of film to make a difference. The Film Festival is designed to encourage MUN participants to become advocates for the issues they have debated in MUN conferences. The film festival provides a platform for high school students to showcase their work to a wider audience through community showing and distribution support. 

It is very satisfied to have a cooperation with the Qatar Film Festival Organizers, and provide Organizers the 5D movie theatre. The cinema 5d is a movie in eight dimensions; six of those dimensions are rolled up tightly and therefore not visible at normal energies. An 8D cinema system is made of two parts;

1. A 3D projector system with a projection screen, audio system, projector and 3D glasses.

2. Simulation system – This contains the control system, dynamic simulate platform and scenes simulate system.




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