Dark Ride

The theme Dark Ride is a large-scale indoor entertainment project where tourists take a tour bus and walk along the established story route in a theme scene environment combining virtual reality. It integrates today's top international entertainment technologies such as 3D stereoscopic movies, dynamic tour buses, simulation sets, and stunt performances.


Advantages of 4D Dark Riding

1, Three-dimensional track, multi-section uphill, downhill, rapid dive three-dimensional track;
2, the combination of virtual and real, immersive, virtual and film and the real scene of the scene are closely integrated, and penetrate each other;
3, A variety of special effects, the shock is touching, the project includes opening and closing doors, volcanic eruption, beast pursuit, stereo projection, holographic imaging, flood surging, etc.
4, Interactive shooting, the project adds a shooting system on the basis of the original 4D elements, allowing visitors to confront the characters in the virtual scene and increase the interactive experience.
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