Dome Cinema

Panoramic Immersive Viewing

Dome Cinema is a new cinema system developed in recent years, using transmission metal screen, advanced digital projection equipment, as well as analog dynamic seat equipment.

After entering the cinema, the audience will be placed in a tilted dome structure, you can watch 360-degree vision in the range of large-screen digital movies, unique visual impact, surround sound effect so that the audience has a strong sense of immersion, like an immersive experience and popular in the market!

Design Layout

Projection Dome cinema 4dm chairs are mainly adopt 4DM chairs, which adopt crank system mechanical mechanism, and it has been authorized by the national invention patent;
4D motion seats provide 1 years warranty, equipped with industrial servo motors, and the product performance can perfectly meet the functional requirements of the theme entertainment and the projection dome cinema of science and technology exhibition.
About the material of the 4DM chairs, you have two choices can choose according to your budget and needs:
1. Electrical Seat :stable performance; almost no noise;longer service life; saving energy.
2. Pneumatic Seat:general performance; Cheap; have noise.


For the sake of set up a Projection Dome Cinema, you should prepare the proper size of the site after you get the CAD layout from our Sales.
Plane Drawing
Section Drawing
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