Sound Vibration Cinema Chair

Sound Vibration Cinema Chair

4D Cinema 4D sound vibration cinema chair is the core of key equipment, also known as dynamic seat 4D, 4D cinema seats, 4D special effect seats, there is no uniform industry standard, the shuqee company as one of the 4D cinema earliest service providers deliver 4D positive energy, 4D cinema industry to lead the healthy and orderly development, to promote prosperity 4D cinema industry and make unremitting efforts.

This article is an overview of shuqee 4d seats, on this basis, according to the user's needs and the actual situation, you can choose a different power source, electric 4D seat, pneumatic 4D seats.

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Appearance of SV Chair

The Size of SV Chair


Shuqee SV Cinema chair is the same as usual cinema, which means we can only change the chair as SV type, and other things stay the same, easy and quick Count System: The system will use sensor module to check whether there is people on seats or it, and it will also control the movement of the chair and calculate the attendance and watching time.

SV Chair Effects

Vibration system : (The Frequency of the Movie sound will make the chair vibrate, the frequency higher, the vibrate stronger.)

SHUQEE SV cinema use frequency vibration function, Such as: there are something explode in movie, Our vibration system will give back-pushing effects on the chair according to the frequency vibration; When the shaking of the ground or have a strong bass sound , A will show clear sense of shock ; Can simulate the feeling of wind in his face when the face has the wind; when the film quickly passing sword sward can simulate the feeling of passing from the body; There are objects from the foot of the pass and hit the leg can simulate rats, snakes, insects drill into the audience and other animal legs.


Installation Process of SV Chair 



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